To increase the voting strength of the population of the City of Richmond and to improve the moral, social, economic, educational, and general welfare.


    To establish VOTER REGISTRATION and VOTER EDUCATION in the City of Richmond and issue such policy statement or institute such programs that will improve the economic, educational, general welfare and solidarity of the people.



Mission 2011 – 2012 :

    Increase the membership and participation in activities of the organization and make our elected officials accountable to the citizens of the City of Richmond.



I    n order to maintain a democratic form of government and lay a firm foundation upon which the freedom of all people can be protected and under which a government of the people shall remain, we dedicate ourselves to this organization.

 Founding History


The Richmond Crusade for Voters grew out of an interracial group called “the Committee to Save Public Schools, formed to oppose a January statewide referendum which would allow local government to block integration of public schools.

The measure passed statewide by about 4-1 margin.  Black voter turnout in Richmond was disappointing, with less than a 50 percent turnout of approximately 8,500 blacks then registered.

About one dozen blacks from the Committee To Save Public Schools decided after the referendum that a voter education organization devoted to black people was needed in Richmond.  Thus, the Richmond Crusade for Voters was founded.

 The founding meeting was held at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church on North First Street in Jackson Ward.  In attendance were Dr. William S. Thornton, Dr. William Ferguson Reid and Mr. John M. Brooks.  They were thereafter known as the Founders of the organization.

 The name “Crusade for Voters” was suggested by one of Richmond’s senior citizens, named Mr. Christopher J. Foster, Sr.


In 1956, the objectives of the organization were:


1.     To increase the Negro votes in Richmond, Virginia through year round voter registration activities.

2.     To increase Negroes political awareness.

3.     To study the records of candidates and give recommendations.

4.  To push for equal job opportunities in City Hall.

Dr. William S. Thornton was the first President of the Richmond Crusade for Voters.